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"DeadJournal.com is a journal site (much like LiveJournal), but as you will quickly see, not all journals are apple pie and fruitcakes. Here is where you find the journals that nobody else wants to see, or even host"

How did this place get started?
Well, a few decades ago (actually 5/01) someone dared a small boy named Frank Precissi (SCSi) on IRC to create deadjournal.com as a parody to livejournal.com. Well, around that timeframe, Brad (the founder of LiveJournal) released the LiveJournal source code to the public. Frank installed it on deadjournal and here you are.

Who uses DeadJournal?
All sorts of people use DeadJournal to record their rants and psychotic thoughts! To date, 22,222 people used DeadJournal in the past 24 hours. Overall DeadJournal has over 487,603 members and still growing.

On Dead Journal, you can do many of the following things:

create a journal and update it
download a client to your update your journal with
customize your deadjournals appearance
edit your personal information daily
edit journal entries
edit your friend lists
edit pictures
export your journal and keep a backup of itDeadunities:
A deadunity is the equivalent to LiveJournal's communities. Its a place where people can post to one central journal about a common topic.

DeadJournal also has a Page-O-Interests which allows you to see who has the same interests as you.

Advertising on DeadJournal:
One can also advertise on DeadJournal.
Because DeadJournal gets a ton of traffic advertisements and banners will be featured on more than 400,000 pages and viewed about 58,000 times a day.
DeadJournal has users from virtually every country, banners will reach around the globe, opening your site up to a plethora of people one might never have reached before

You can also browse journals by state or click a country name on a the map to read journals from that country.

Searching the Morgue:
This means advanced searches are available to find people by their location, age, sex, interests and friends.

DeadJournal is much like blog in the sense that it allows users to consistently update their journals with new ideas and others can comment and add to the discussions and rants that one has going on a daily basis.

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