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Business Travelers

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Mobility takes on a whole new meaning and level of importance for people who are frequently getting on and off planes, trains, moving across cities and switching time zones. The amount of traveling time can cut down on productivity for many business people, so gadgets that can help keep people connected in the same way they would be in the office are invaluable. Traveling also takes its toll on people's health and comfort, which opens up a new range of gadgets to give workers back a level of comfort that is lost while traveling. Here are the top gadgets you should have when travelling.

1. Travel Size Cell Phone Charger

Light weight and portable they often charge even faster than regular models. 7-20$.
2. Audio Pillow
Fitted pillow has small speakers in it that can plug into audio devices. For hotel or plane. 40-80$
3. Noise reduction Headphones
Seriously reduces jet engine noises, all annoying passengers. $35-130.
4. Extra Lap Top Batteries $60 and up.
Allows extended working time when outlets aren't available.
5.Palm Treo 600
Phone, PDA, Camera, expandsion slot and other ingredients in one handheld. about $280.



external image 68F65F34762EDB428DA82CF2D6C497E.jpgFlying Car
This summer, graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will try to get an idea aloft that has intrigued people for decades: the flying car.
The Transition is designed for 100- to 500-mile jumps. It will carry two people and luggage on a single tank of premium unleaded gas. It will also come with an electric calculator (to help fine-tune weight distribution), airbags, aerodynamic bumpers and of course a GPS navigation unit.


Cellular Phones

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This is a touch screen computer operated machine located in Hong Kong malls and subway stations. The products offered are pictures, songs, midi ringtones and games downloadable to cell phones. The user chooses the products that are compatible with their cell phone model. After the selection the user types in their cell phone number and pays with a prepaid card most people that most already have. The product is sent to the user’s cell phone within one minute through text messaging clipped with the product.


external image thumb_usb_oil_burner.jpg USB Fraggance Oil Burner
This is a usb devise to heat up your favourite fragrance for your PC. The fragrance oil burner features a 4cm diameter stainless steel hot tray, LED lit-up indicator, and can also be used with scented candles. Put in a fragrance oil of your choice and you will smell and fell fresh. It comes with a 1.5 meter USB cable, it measures a compact 98 x 98 x 41.5 mm and weighs just 86g.
Price: $19

external image usbcafepad2_s.jpg USB Cafe Pad
"Keep your hot beverage stay longer!!"
Features :

  • Keep warm for any hot drink.
  • Temperature range : 40 ~ 80 degree celsius (From boarder to center)
  • USB powered : 5V/500mA
  • On/Off power switch, LED indicator.
  • Material : ABS shell, Stainless steel heating pad.
  • Size : 120 x 120 x 12mm
  • Heating pad diameter : 78mm
  • Cable length : 96cm
  • Weight : 130gm
Price: $15

external image t_16976.jpg USB Clear Glitter Lava

This lava lamp connects to any usb connection on your computer, and it brightens up the room.
No software required just plug and go 15 cm high
Price: £6.95

external image usbheatinggloves3_s.jpg USB Heating Gloves
Ever experience that your hand feeling freeze?
The USB Heating gloves has a warmer pad inside, you plug it in the USB port, your hands will get warm.
It supports Windows and MacIntosh and do a great job de-frosting your hands.
Great for Canadians!
  • Open-end design allows your fingers to take action easily.
  • De-forsting your hands for gaming, typing and mouse controlling.
  • Glove made of wool and connects individually to a USB port.
  • 2 level heating controls.
  • Works under any device with USB port, e.g. PC, Mac, PlayStation or Xbox 360.
  • Each glove built-in 2 warming pad.
  • 5 minutes 10 degree rise.
  • Size : 19 cm x 10.5 cm
2 USB heating level controller
Price: $22


external image keyb_001.jpgOptimus Keyboard

The Optimus Keyboard was created to enable users to customize their keyboards according to their needs. The mapping of the individual keys on the keyboard can be individually changed to suit the user. Each key hold leds that project an image that ccan be changed by the user. The designer are still in the developing the Optimus Keyboard but hope to have it out into the market soon. They think the cost will be similar to a highend cellphone but this is uncertain with the complexity of the circuitry involved with powering each led.
external image psd.jpgexternal image qua.jpg
Photoshop Mapping Quake Mapping

Optimus Keyboard


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This machine allows user to take and produce card pictures instantly. This technology contains specialized computer software with has special backgrounds and designs for people to choose for their pictures. Several shots are taken, and the user can choose the one that they consider the best picture for printing. Within a few minutes, the card picture is printed along the side of the machine. The machine contains a computer part, and a standing part for people pose. Once you step in, there is a screen that gives you step by step instructions as to how the picture taking process will evolve. All you have to do is choose the frame and background, stand back, pose, and say “CHEESE!” Within a couple of minutes, after choosing the best picture of the ones that were taken, just stand back and the card picture will be developed.

Spy Tools

external image lighter-cam.jpgZippo Digital Camera
You can be a real life James Bond with this nifty little digital camera.
This fully functional digital camera is disguised as a cigarette lighter, non-functioning of course. This cigarette lighter camera is equipped with a 64 MB SDRAM memory that stores 104 images(standard 640x480 resolution) or 30 images (High 1280x960 resolution). The digital images can be easily downloaded to your computer using the USB cable.

Cigarette Lighter Specifications:
  • CMOS sensor 300k pixels
  • Image Resolution: 1280x960 pixels SVGA, 640x480 pixels VGA
  • Built-In 64MB SDRAM
  • Memory (Picture) Capacity: 30 SVGA, 104 VGA
  • Built-In View Finder
  • Shutter Speed: 1/6-1/15000 Seconds
  • Single, Continuous or Automatic Shoot Modes
  • Automatically Enters Energy Saving Mode After 30 Seconds
  • Automatic Exposure,Automatic White Balance
  • Power: Lithium Battery 4.2v
  • USB Interface
  • 2 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 1/2"
Don't pass up this opportunity to own a truly unique piece of spy gadgetry.
Price: $89.99

external image superear.jpgSuper Ear

Start hearing things you have never heard before!Produces an adjustable 50 decibel gain on sounds picked up from its multi-element high sensitivity microphone. Use to amplify bird sounds (can be clipped to binoculars), frogs at night, or use during a lecture to get all the details.
  • Personal sound enhancer
  • Produces an adjustable 50 decibel gain
  • Acoustically engineered sound boom that swivels 180 degrees
  • Boom is fully enclosed in a foam windscreen
  • Comes with high quality stereo headphones
  • Takes one AAA battery

external image p0003323b.jpgSamsung Digital Voice Pen Recorder

Voice Pen Digital Recorder captures 2 1/2 hours of quotes and details.This digital pen records everything clearly, whether it's a phone conversation, at a conference or in your attorney's office. Added bonus of a built-in laser, use the laser to highlight the charts for a new business venture or locate a city on a map in a planning meeting. Has a digital PC interface, a highly-sensitive omni-directional microphone, recording time display and nine levels of volume. Store all your recordings on your PC and save it as a WAV file, so your information's there when you need it. Accessories include an earphone, external device connection cable, PC interface cable, AAA alkaline battery and Voice Manager Install CD.
Price: $199.99

external image voicechanger.jpg Voice Changer
Even your family won’t be able to recognize your voice when you disguise it with the fascinating Telephone Voice Changer. Simply place it over the mouthpiece of any phone, adjust the setting, and speak normally.

Extreme settings sound hilarious and are great for practical jokes. Mid-range settings make anyone sound like a man. Great for fooling your friends or to protect women and children when home alone. Simple to operate. Requires one 9-volt battery.
Price: $29.99


external image _40691031_nevosl-uei203.jpgNevoSL is a universal controller
Universal Electronics' NevoSL is a universal controller that lets people use one device to get at their multimedia content, such as photos, no matter where it is in their house.
It can also act as a remote for home theatre and stereo systems. The gadget has built-in wireless and a colourful, simple interface.
The Nevo won two awards at CES, one as a Girl's Best Friend award and another for innovation, design and engineering.
Price: $799


external image p0004216b.jpgMega Memory Watch (32MB)
This watch is a built in CPU storage hard drive and USB cable. In today's fast paced computing world it's important to have the ability to take files to and from the office or school. Just upload files onto your watch by plugging the built in USB cable directly into your computer. Then all you have to do is wear your watch into work and plug it into your office computer.
Includes: CD for data transfer and password security system. Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux 2.4 or higher and Mac OS 8.6 or higher.
Price: $59.99


external image iPod.jpgiPod Video

The iPod introduced by Apple, has to be one of the most revolutionary technological devices of our times. The iPod has created its own generation. This music device not only carries a large amount of music, but it can hold pictures as well play music videos. The iPod video is available in 30GB and 60 GB.
Price: $379

For more information visit: www.apple.ca