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What is it?

A website and online studio created by digital artist Mark Napier. His work started off as paintings, drawings and essays, but he later moved it digitally onto the Web. His work is innovative because he uses computer software such as hypertext and java programming to create high-resolution graphics as an art medium. He is a pioneer in using computer and web space to make and display art. Napier's work is the first web-based art work to be shown in a major museum. His work embraces the web as a medium as well as explores its properties in fascinating ways. His work often is interactive, and involves the user's participation to create its final outcome.

List of Works

Feed: This work appears like a real browser, however it is an anti-browser which aims to "unravel the web". It plays on the term "data feed". Instead of supplying information, it consumes information by taking content that appears on the page and reducing it to pixels and text. It aims to draw attention to the beauty of the web by creating a calming visual of its commercial contents. It streams aesthetic content in a customized display that exists in real time. How it works:
  • User inputs a URL into the browser or chooses from a given list.
  • User clicks a Go button to process the information or STOP processing
  • User has choice of clicking display buttons that chart, graph and move the data
  • The browser then reads all the images and HTML that are found in that URL along with all the web pages that are linked to it.
Below is an image of the browser:

Click here to try Feed for yourself, the results are impressive.

Riot- another alternative web browser that Napier has created.
- user enters a URL in the location bar
- user chooses pages from bookmarks and history lists
The Result: A visual of combined text, links and images.

It is innovative because fragments of websites such as Yahoo can be found with Barbie and information on the White House, information not normally seen together on the web. The user has become the producer. Questions arise on personal authorship and creative ownership issues. To read more on these issues of creative ownership click here.

Experience Riot for yourself, click here.

Visit potatoland.org to view all of Napier's digital art projects
Visit potatoland.blog to view Napier's blog
Visit Napier's homepage here

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