The goal of the journal assignment is to provide students with opportunities to explore issues raised in the lectures, with a particular focus on the subject matter of guest lectures.

Guest lectures will be arranged periodically throughout the semester. The schedule will be posted in WebCT as it evolves. Students are responsible for checking the WebCT calendar and discussion board for the dates of guest lectures. Guest lectures will be arranged on the basis of relevance to issues raised in CCT 205 and availability. Changes may be necessary to accommodate guests' schedules or weather conditions.

Students are required to attend the guest lectures. Attendance will be taken in J102 on the day of guest lectures.

After each guest lecture, a topic related to the lecture will be posted on the WebCT discussion board for students to consider in their journals.

Journal Requirements

Each journal entry must be a maximum of 250-300 words.

Each journal entry must contain the following descriptive information:

Student's name: Student's UTM I.D.
Name of guest lecturer: Date of lecture:
Topic of lecture:

Each journal entry must be double spaced.

The journal must be written in sentence and paragraph form.

The word count must appear at the end of the journal entry.

Journal entries must be submitted in chronological order starting with the first guest lecture and ending with the last guest lecture.

All journal entries will be submitted together in Week 11. Students will submit an electronic copy of their journal entries, all compiled in one folder, in the WebCT Drop Box by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12. Journal entries submitted as more than one document electronically will not be read. Journals submitted after April 12 will be considered late.

A hard copy of the journal entries, stapled together in one document, will be submitted at the beginning of the lecture period in Week 12 on April 12.

Evaluation Criteria

The journal assignment is worth 20% of your final mark. The following are the criteria used for evaluation of the student's work.

Understanding of subject matter
- Short synthesis of guest lecture was provided
- Enough detail was included to given reader a sense of the content of the guest lecture
- Key features of the guest lecture were provided to show how specific data served the general theme of the guest lecture
- The topic posted on the WebCT discussion board was addressed
- Appropriate connections between the guest lecture and issues raised in CCT 205 were made

Clarity and organization
- Journal entries were written in a clear and concise manner
- Journal entries were organized as per the requirements (word count, descriptive information, chronological order)

Journal Entries

Journal Entry #1
Guest Lecturer: Joan Vinall-Cox
Date: January 24, 2006

Topic: What is the Web 2.0 and what impact has it had on communication and culture?

Journal Entry #2
Guest Lecturer: Michelle Levesque
Date: February 7, 2006

Topic: In what ways can electronics surveillance be harmful to the privacy of individuals?

Journal Entry #3
Guest Lecturer: Jim Bindon
Date: February 28, 2006

Topic: Do new technologies afford public broadcasting an opportunity to return to its original broadcast mandate?

Journal Entry #4
Guest Lecturer: Dr. G. Moore
Date: March 28, 2006

Topic: Matt Gorbet, whose work focuses on the links between technology, art and design, spoke of several principles that inform his projects.

Discuss any two of the principles that Matt Gorbet flagged and show how his projects incorporate these principles.

Journal Entry #5
Guest Lecturer: Michael Jones
Date: April 4, 2006

Topic: Discuss 2 approaches to organizational learning and communication presented by Professor Jones in his guest lecture and provide an example of each based on data from the presentation.

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Questions and Answers

Question one

Q: Journal entries submitted as more than one document electronically will not
be read. So does that mean we have to use winzip to integrate all the entries into
one single file to send it electronically ??

A: An easy way is to just have all your journals in one Word file. Just separate each journal entry with a page break.

Question two

Q: Do we need to include reference for this assignment?