Pros and Cons of the new digital world


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The digital world that we live in today are the result of many innovations and technology advances. All of these things contribute to the changing of the world from what it was before. It is obvious that the standards of life and education are improved, as well as many other things that includes our needs and wants. Yet, despite all that, the negative impact of this new world filled with new technologies are often overlooked. Few want to talk about them, and those who do talk about them can't do anything by themselves in such a small numbers.


This new era of digital innovation that promises a better future sounds good to everyone. The benefits and results are seen everywhere around the world. We now have navigation systems in our cars that can be installed so we won't get lost. Also, computer processed materials make it much faster to access data for companies, and decrease the physical labour needed. Our cell phones are getting more and more fancier all the time, now being able to watch tv and surf the web and have bluetooth capability. There are numerous technology innnovations that contributed to a increased standards of living for our society. Hence, this makes our life easier and better. We all want the latest technology and equipment not only in government agencies and police forces, but also in our homes and at our comfort zones. The pursuit for making life easier is the driving force behind our advancements. However, this intention comes with a price. The criminal minds that make use of these new technologies and commit crimes.

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With the help of the new technologies that are available, hence it is easier for spying and hacking people. As brought up in the second guest lecture that we had, the journal topic was how the new technologies invaded our privacy? Just to mention a few, as we saw on the video in that guest lecture, a small store can have many items that will aid people in spying and getting information from others without them knowing. If you have the money to pay for the price of these items, then you can spy on people and listen in to what they are saying.

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Just think about how many more items and more resources does a country have compared to a store? The FBI, CIA, Defense department...etc. They all have the the latest technologies in locating people and spying. There is no doubt that the police and the governemnt agencies who have the access to these equipments use them for good purposes like tracking criminals and hunting down serial killers. However, there will always be some of those people on the forces who betrays their forces and use those equipments for their own needs secretly. Furthermore, internet crimes are on the rise as more and more people gain knowledge to hacking and cracking and finds it fun to dig up other peopole's privacy. The power of the society is far greater than one would expect, the police and the law enforcers can't prevent every single internet crimes and catch all the people doing it. Thus, the internet started out as a good intention and idea for education, rather now because of the influence of the new digital world, it is slowly turning to an online crime scene.

Since the new world is all about upgrades and advancements, the race for the most powerful country is more tense than ever before. With all the new technologies available to different countries, it is obvious that the country with more resource and money and people can have access to the latest equipment and strengthen their country. Yet, when one country becomes too powerful, they may think and do whatever they want without the consent of others. A good example that happened a few years ago is the U.S attack on Iraq. Many debated about it, and took different sides. The truth was that the United Nation sat down and reached a conclusion not to declare war on Iraq, but the U.S., who was also part of the U.N, went on with the war anyway.

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This is a good example of selfishness and power, showing the world that they are the strongest country. Then what is the point of the United Nation? If the U.S doesn't even listen to the U.N.'s voice, and act on its own, what does this tells other countries? They don't care about the U.N and do whatever they like? In conclusion, the new era of the digital innovation no doubt increased the standards of living and also it benefited mankind, but along with it came the negative impacts that we must deal with. This new digital world brought many satisfaction and joy, but it also brought many people sheds of tears and blood.

The digital divide has in many ways sperated the people with access and people without access to an unprcedented level. People in many parts of the world lack the resources to follow the new digital world they are aliented in many ways.