Feedback From Test #1

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"I thought the test was challenging but not too challenging. It was nice not to have to write an essay, thats for sure. Let's just hope we all did well (or bad enough for a bell curve)"

"I loved that there was on essay component in the test however I and others still found the questions to be difficult. The topics we talk about in class are very broad and the questions in tests are very narrow and this throws us off. Because we learn one thing and have to study another, more narrow viewpoint."

"I felt the test was rather fair. I would have liked more room to write the short answer questions however. I have really big writing and messy for that matter and find it very difficult to write somewhat neatly and small in a such a confined space. Overall, the test was fair. I prefer essay questions though and less multiple choice."

"I believe that the test was quite fair. Some multiple choice questions were a bit difficult, but when is multiple choice ever easy? Exactly. I do agree with the other students that there should be more room assigned for the short answer questions, but not too much room so that the questions turn into a long answer. All in all, I really liked the test and I am looking forward to test 2."

"The test was not too bad. I found the short-answer portion to be easier than the multiple choice. The questions were straight forward and did not seem tricky. I am hoping that the next test will be similar in format. However, I do agree about the confined space given to us to write out our answers. I found myself going over the lines a couple of times."
tomthlee - Thomas Lee

"I found this test a bit challenging considering the multiple choice questions were rather similar interms of the choices. I found myself reading them a few times and even circling keywords. The whole 'is it a and b or b and c or none of the above' completely threw me off. Hopefully we get some essay questions in test no.2"

"I agree with mylene. I found the multiple choice too challenging in the way that every multiple choice had a multiple choice in it. It was like; if not a could it be b and c? or is it c and d? what about c, d, and a? Other then that the short answer quesstions were fair from the text and lectures

"I thought this test was okay. The short answer section was much easier than the multiple choice questions. It was a lot like my social psychology test last semester - very tricky multiple choice questions and fairly easy short answer questions. I'm actually glad I had experienced a test like this this before. I didn't freak out as much. I hope the next test has more short answers."

"Aiyaaaaaaaa. I hope I did good. That multiple choice was a bugger if I ever saw one. I never picked so many D's in my life. It was like I didn't remember any other letters of the alphabet and just kept filling in D's. Short answers were a lot better. I had no problems with that. If anything I have a problem with it's the actual course reader book itself. I'm sorry but a lot of those concepts just flew over my head off into Saturn or something. The Space of Flows? Come on....that took forever to understand. And you know what? It wasn't even on the test at all...oh well...Let's pray I didn't fail."

"The multiple choice was kind of confusing because of all options we could choose from. Not to mention every single option seemed like the right one, for me at least. The Short answers were easier though. This wikispace was a really good idea because it was the only thing I studied for this test haha. The textbook is way too dry and boring, there was no way I would have been able to get through all of the readings."

"I agree that the test was fair, but i have to admit that the multiple choice was my area of weakness. I also like the fact that the short answers were very specific, but fair, because they were clearly mentioned in both the lecture and the book. Lastly, i also liked how the guest speakers' materials were also tested on. Therefore students whom attended class would have a greater advantage of scoring higher on the test. The only thing that was surprising was that couple of the multiple questions were about stuff in the CATA lecture, but in class, we quickly skimmed through that. I was not expecting to see stuff drawn from those slides."

"This test was as if I went back to Psychology class all over again, with the MC choices where every options seems like the right choice. I think personally I did pretty well, but then again, when every answer seems correct, you seem to become doubtful. The short answer were very easy as well. So the test was a mixture of both easy and hard substances."

"This test wasn't as hard as I expected it to be. The short answer part was kind of challenging though, because often we have to provide two sets of answers for a single question. The multiple choice was easy, considered if you studied the course material. Overall, I think I did not bad on this test, and I'll hope the next one will be easy."

"This test was fairly reasonable, afterall we were given quite a good review sheet from the professor and without this wiki page, many of us would have been scrambling for summaries of the readings. The mulitple choice were decent, a couple however did cause some pondering for the right answer. I found that the short answers were fair, the questions were logical and studied in all the course material so far. Overall, I was happy with the format and the types of questions asked."

"I thought that this test was not that hard, but I did not like the study guide that Benick put up. In CCT200, she posted better study guides, which I thought were more useful. The m/c were reasonable but short answer questions were more challenging. I founf myself getting mixed up with some of the terms that were presented on the test. Overall, the mid-term was FAIR."

" OKAY! That test was not as hard as i thought it would be. I am sure glad though knowing more people circling more 'd's in the multiple choice...phew...but i only circled 'a' once i think regarding the multimedia and games question, but overall multiple choice was difficult just b/c of these d's. i do agree about the short answers, they were easy but i hope we had more room to write. AND no...please no essay question for the next test, thank you

Yes I agree with no essay questions on the next test. Also agreeing with everyone, I believe the test was very fair. If you read over key concepts in the study guide and attended lectures as well as went over them - then multiple choice was not that hard. Ofcourse this had the exceptions in terms of those "is it a and b or a and c" questions cause those are just too confusing. Fingers crossed for the D's! Good test overall, hopefully the next one will allow us more room to write in the short answer section.

"Ok the test i dont even know if my answers were right for the Mc part! lets just hope we all did ok."

"The test was what I expected: a series of difficult multiple choice questions along with simplier short answer questions to display our knowledge concerning major course terms and issues. I hope that the next test will involve less multiple choice questions and more short answers questions. I believe that short answers questions allow students to display their understanding of the course content more effectively than multiple choice questions. Hope everyone did well."

" I was sick so i didnt go for the test, but i wish the make-up test wont be too hard"

"I liked that there was no essay on the test and the multiple choice could have went either way for me. I liked the short answers and thought that they were fair. I agree that they should provide a little more room for us to write in our short answers. Hope everyone did well.

“I would have to say that the short answer question was fairly good representation of the course content and was a good reflection of the course material in the first half. However, the multiple choice questions were extremely specific and many of the questions didn’t reflect lectures and were often very awkwardly structured.”
Rukhsana Mir

"The test format seemed fair in terms of writing time available to us. It seemed that a lot of the multiple choice questions were not covered in lecture. The mc questions were overly specific, and the answers were often awkwardly structured, which made it difficult to chose just one. I thought that the short answer questions were great; they were a good representation of what we've been learning."

I found the set up of the test to be exactly what i expected. I thought that everything we learned in class was covered, which I really like because I hate it when i studied really hard on something and it doesnt even show up on the test. Mulitiple choice was alittle tricky, but I think thats to be expected. But I do prefer short answer questions. Overall I found it to be a pretty fair test.

"Overall I thought the test was ok. Most of what was in the short answer questions was covered in class making that section overall quite fair. The multiple choice however was a little tricky. I would have liked to see more questions that were relevent to our field and not just questions that focus on small things that overall would not be useful to us in the long run."

Hopefully the marks for the test will be up by next week. I found the test to be "okay". The multiple choice were as usual tricky, but not as bad as cct200. The short answer questions were not bad at all. Everything on the test was basically all in the lecture notes. In other words, if you didn't read the text book you could've still answered almost all of the questions just by studying the lecture notes. Ok, I'm becoming very repetitive. Hopefully the marks will be as expected by all.
Sairah C

I think that the short answer part was quite fair, however, the mcq's were just too tricky, we didn't learn anything from them, they were too specific and we weren't going to learn anything substantial from them. We were just tested and tricked on what we had been lectured on. I didnt even know that we were responsible for Illustrator for the midterm. Lets hope for the best.
Hina Afzal

There were some challenging multiple choice questions like if it's not A then is it B and C. I hate those types of questions. However, having said that the short answer questions were easier than I expected them to be. All in all, it wasn't a bad test considering I didn't start studying until the night before.
Ray Young

I think the short answer part of the test was fair, it focused on alot of the material that was covered in class and also in the text. Although there was not much rooom for constructing a well phrased answer because all the questions were simply lookin for 3 things. The multiple choice was also okay but got confusing because of the choice likes i.e. ( a and b) or (c and a) those type of choices tend to throw me off especially when one of the choices seems like it really belongs. Overall it was alrite.
Myaad Ahmed

"I found that the multiple choice section was rather challenging and frustrating actually (more specifically all the "d" options). However, the short answer questions were much easier and hopefully, saved my mark! I actually would have preferred a long answer/essay question as well. Though I had my own notes, the CCT205 wiki space was quite helpful! Thanks to all that contributed."

The short answer questions were great but I agree with menc that the "d" options did make the multiple choice much more difficult. I found myself second guessing more than usual.

The test was not as bad as i expected. Although i can't really tell how i did on the multiple choice (they were sorta tough...i think), the short answers were decent. She could have killed us with some tough questions, but I think she was fair.
Jaina Tharakan

"The test was fair...however the MC was quite difficult...the options were way out there (ex a:, b:, c: both a and b), stuff like that. The short answers were a bit specific but fair...hope we all did well!"

I think the MCQs were way too difficult. Options such as "none of the above" "b and c" or "all of the above" were given in practically every question and only confused the students. I think that was really unfair. Short answer questions were rather fair. Well..I just hope we all did well.
Sidra Khan

I thought the test one was very diffiuclt especially the MC. I have done all the assigned readings and made notes, I still had difficulties with some questions. However, the short answer part was fair. She asked all the questions from lecture notes.
Chen Wen Chen

I think the multiple choice questions were a little tricky. Personally, I don't like multiple choice! Because I overthink the questions and my answer always boils down to two. My first instinct and the second rightest answer. So I always have to choose the second answer. I did much better on the short answer part since I can explain why I'm answering the way I am. Let's hope the marks will be up by Tuesday. ><
Jiang Zhu

"I thought the multiple choice question were kind of tricky and challenging but at the end of the day, if you really studied and understood the material it wasn't anything impossible The short answer part of the test was once again challenging but with enough studying it was no real trouble at all. All in all the test was challenging but fair."

"I found the test to be challenging but not as hard as I expected it to be. The format was definitely fair considering we were told the format in detail prior to the test. The short answers were very straightforward however, I found the multiple choice a bit challenging but reasonable. I would prefer to have more short answer questions each worth less so partial credit can be added towards a final test mark instead of having few questions worth so much. I am also hoping test two is similar in format. Hopefully, we will be given another study guide for test two. The study guides are very helpful and make the studying process more organized and a lot less stressful."

"I hope test two will be somewhat similar so that we have an idea as to what to expect."

"The test seemed challenging. I really don't like that A, B, C, A&B but not C stuff. But hey, I guess that's how these multiplechoice tests go. To be honest, I am worried how I did on the test."

"i like this test because it wasn't like cct200 where we have to write an essay. The book this time is also lot better to read. Reading are also not mentioning some rocket science kind of stuff which make us to undestand the matter more quickly. Furhthermore, since the matter is easy and interesting to read, therefore the test we get also come out to be fair one, where the integration of Multiple Choice and Short questions give us a good deal of connection to our understanding and approach in this course"

"I believe the multiple choice questions were confusing and could have been a little simpler. The multiple choice focused more on text book; whereas the Short Answers were fair and tested our knowledge on terms and concepts from the lectures. I think the multiple choice shouldn't have had so many parts rather just been a, b or c :)."

" I also found the space to answer the short questions , not enough.However, i still preferred the idea of having to answer short questions than writing an essay on the test. Conversely, in my opinion the multiple choice questions were confusing as so many options were available.Nonetheless, overall i found the test to be quite fair as most of the concepts were discussed in class in great depth."

"The test was challenging but still remained in a resonable degree. The multiple choices were tricky. I need to know several things correctly to pick one answer. The short answers were fair. I only hope that the short answers can be evenly spreaded out to cover all the contents instead of putting more weight on certain sections. And I hope test 2 will be of the same formet. It would definitely be better if we have can pick certain amount of short answers to write from a larger amount of possible short answers topics. Hope we can both do better in the next test!"

The test overall was fair. Most of what was in the short answer questions was covered in lecture notes. The multiple choice however was a little tricky. I'd liked to see more questions that were relevent to our field.


"I found the test to be resonable in its level of difficulty and covered the material in lectures and the readings thoroughly. The multiple choice was a little tricky. I hate it when you get stumped by two answers that 'could' be right, and you begin second-guessing your gut. I thought the short answer questions were great. I love when the questions are broad enough that it doesn't narrow your options in answer possibilities but detailed enough that as soon as your done reading the question you know what to discuss. The questions covered the course material effectively from weeks 1 to 6 including the guest lectures. I hope that test two is similar in format, especially because now we all have a clear idea of what to expect."

I found the multiple choice to be a little too specific in some cases. I think the multiple choice should focus on broader concepts that were covered, as they are more relevant to the course than specific tidbits of information from one selected reading. The short answer section was fair. I'm glad there was no essay question as well, those are my least favourite type of test questions.

I also agree that the multiple choice were sometimes too specific, but overall it was a fair test. The list of words that were provided helped me, but I think that there were just so many of them. I liked it how last semester, Prof Benick would put questions up for each week. That really helped me study. And I know that we are old enough and should be doing it on our own, but it really did help. I thought that the short answer questions were very reasonable and I'm hoping that I did well on the test. And yes, I was very happy that there was no long answer question because I get very stressed about those and I'm always scared that time is going to run out. Good luck to all.