Amal Graafstra

Amal is a Toronto resident who has one RFID in each of his hands. The RFID tags are made out of glass and are no larger than 3mmx13mm. The tags are the same ones used to help track pets. They were implanted by Amal's doctors , inbetween his thumb and his index. The tags themselves cost around $2 each and readers around $40.
external image Amal%20Graafstra.jpg
Amal, after the chip was implanted in his hand

He uses the tags to open his front door , car door and his computer . He claims he got the implants because he was tired of having to carry around so many keys with him everywhere. Amal claims that their is little chance of any harm coming from the RFID tags because most of the time they are inactive. His wife has just got her frist RFID chip implanted in her hand. Amal has written a book about RFID tags titled RFID Toys.
The idea of having tags implanted into our bodies brings up many security issues . It would make it very easy for anyone Graafstra, Amal with an RFID tag reader to find out who you are when you are in range. This could be someone "trustworthy "like goverment agencies, or a criminal. The problem with human implant is that someone could steal your RFID infromation and than your idenity(depending how much info is linked to the tag)

Amal purchased his RFID tag and reader from phidgets.


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