Amira Shaal
2nd Year CCIT Major


The Wikispace assignment at first seemed pretty challenging, as I wasn’t completely clear about what we were being marked on. Once I got started though I came to find the site to be very user-friendly and easy to manuver around. Choosing a topic to write about then became the question.

This is the first time I have ever created a Wiki, be it for personal use or even in an assignment based context. I found it somewhat haphazard at first, and couldn’t understand the concept of editing and adding to students already completed work.

In time though, as students began to build more and more, and a number of topics that interested me were posted I found it a lot easier to choose what to write about and add to posted work. Once the “community building” began it was easier to come up with other topics that relate, and therefore internally link the two pages. As well, ideas were branched from certain categories; for example one student created a page about the music program Kazaa, which gave me the idea to create a page about a rival program named Limewire. I then internally linked my page to Kazaa.

The experience overall was good, I learnt a lot. The content was also useful come midterm time, as you could read up about certain topics and it was all well-organized in the Table of Contents.


Pages Created

  • Limewire: I created a page about the peer-to-peer music program that allows for file sharing. The idea to create this page branched from a page already created about a similar program called Kazaa. I internally linked the two pages, and also linked it to Pirates and Piracy, as there is much discussion and argument about file sharing programs going against these policies.
  • Yahoo!: I created a page about the search engine Yahoo! Once again this idea came from viewing another student’s page about Google. I internally linked the two pages.
  • Web 1.0: I created a page to show the comparison between the World Wide Web (Web 1.0) and Web 2.0. I once again linked the two pages, in order to advance the concept of community building within this course Wiki.

Page Edits

· Blog
· Chapter 20: Panopticism- Michel Foucault
· eBay
· FedEx
· Instant Messaging
· Internet and Travel
· Michel Foucault
· Panopticism
· Peer-to-Peer Networks
· What is CCIT?
· Who is Mike Jones?
· Wikis


This assignment is demanding when it comes to staying on top of your edits and constantly adding and editing information.

It is a community building assignment, so you need to realize that people will be editing your pages and adding information they have researched.

It's an interesting assignment, and once you get started you realize there is a lot you can do; such as adding pictures, links, information, tables, graphs. There is room for creativity and expanding on already stated ideas, you just need to do your research, make sure you cite your sources, and start EARLY!