Analysis and Reflection

Before doing this assignment, I thought it would be as boring as my other CCIT courses. But in fact, wiki is way more fun comparing with the WebCT. Wiki has a lot of functions that WebCT doesn't have. In this assignment, everyone has to do some researches and post them online for others to read and edit. We are also responsible to take care of the website, make it a better environment for everyone taking this course.

My contribution

  1. I added the "World Wide Web" page, because i think it's important for all of us to know what it is.
  2. I edited a paragraph in "E-Commerce" page
  3. I added the "Netscape" page. We talked about Netscape in almost every CCIT courses, so it's better if i post some information here.
  4. I also edited "Table of Content" page, I made some of the topics in alphabetical order.


Overall, I think it is a great experience for me, and I believe the same for most people here. However, I did find some articles here are way to similar to the articles from wikipeida. I believe a lot of people just copied and pasted the article, I don't think it's a great idea to just copy and paste the article. I think it is a great idea that everyone can edit someone else's work, however i think it would be hard to keep track of everyone's changes. I think sometimes it is hard for me to edit someone else's work, because i dont' know if they will like my paragraph.